Our Story

Dance for Everyone

Ballet Mafia was set up to promote dance for everyone. It doesn’t matter where we come from, how experienced we are or what shape or size we come in.

We are all dancers and deserve to express ourselves. Whether we are young or old, dancing is beneficial to us at any life stage.

Dance for Life

Ballet Mafia’s ambition is to promote the benefits of ballet beyond the professional stage and the theatres of the world and to highlight the less well known recreational and therapeutic benefits ballet can bring.

Dance for Parkinson's

For every product sold, Ballet Mafia makes a donation to English National Ballet and the Dance for Parkinson’s programme. Every Ballet Mafia skirt and  pair of warm up trousers donates £2 each. Every product from the Merde Collection donates £1. Learn more about the programme here.


Photograph by Andrej Uspenski